Season 3 – [GRN, PSY, TRT]

Season 3

Cards labelled “(Live now)” have been minted and are live on Rarible, clicking the card will take you to relevant sales page.

Cards labelled “(‘n’ available)” are minted upon request. Contact us via Twitter, Telegram or Discord to negotiate an exclusive mint.

Graphic Novel Collection

#027. Spiegelman’s Sandshrew (Live now)

#022. Moebius’ Fearow (Live now)

#034. Miller’s Nidoking (Live now)

Psychic Starters

#063. Haifisch’s Abra (Live now)

#096. Richter’s Drowzee (Live now)

122. Arroyo’s Mr. Mime (Live now)

Team Rocket Trouble

#052 Rousseau’s Meowth (Live now)

#110. Banksy’s Weezing (Live now)

#024. Signac’s Arbok (Live now)

#108 Axell’s Lickitung (Live now)

#071. Pollock’s Victreebel (Live now)

#089. Appel’s Muk (Live now)

“Nothing makes me angrier than being told the truth!” 

– James