Season 2 – [POP, NOC, MCT]

Season 2

Cards labelled “(Live now)” have been minted and are live on Rarible, clicking the card will take you to relevant sales page.

Cards labelled “(‘n’ available)” are minted upon request. Contact us via Twitter, Telegram or Discord to negotiate an exclusive mint.

Pop Art Collection

#039 Lichtenstein’s Jigglypuff (Live now)

#106. Haring’s Hitmonlee (Live now)

#132. Warhol’s Ditto (Live now)

Nocturnal Set

#041. Klinger’s Zubat (Live now)

#043. van Gogh’s Oddish (Live now)

#92. Munch’s Gastly (Live now)

#035. Beardsley’s Clefairy (Live now)

Misty’s Cerulean Team

#116. Laloux’s Horsea (Live now)

#120. Blake’s Staryu (Live now)

#080. Tchelitchew’s Slowbro (Live now)

#008. Leyendecker’s Wartortle (Live now)

#121. Calder’s Starmie (Live now)

“Well why don’t you use some of that energy to keep your mouth shut.”

– Misty